Selling a home is a complex process. Not only do you need a real estate agent to manage the marketing, paperwork, and industry side of things, you may also want help preparing your home for sale. Most home sellers have found that professionally staging their homes drastically increases buyer interest while selling houses faster and at better prices.

Here are 3 home services every home seller needs to consider:

1) Professional Deep Cleaning


The first step in preparing any home to sell is to get it back to a pristine, non-resident condition. This means that everything from the carpet pads to the textured ceiling needs to be refreshed back to as new a state as possible.

Home sellers may choose to do a little renovation by replacing old floors or repainting during this stage, but the absolute minimum is a deep clean. Ideally, you will consider several services and sort what you can and can't do for yourself. Polishing every surface and steam cleaning the carpets is a good place to start, but you should consider cleaning everything from the AC vents (when buyers see clean air conditioning vents, they conclude the AC system has been well-maintained) to pressure washing the driveway. The more your house looks brand-new, the better!


Home Prep Cleaning Services:


  • Maid Service - One time deep clean, sometimes called "spring cleaning".

  • Carpet Treatment - Restore color and remove stains.

  • Air Duct Cleaning - Clears out years of built-up dust, improves interior air quality

  • Landscaping - Make your yard inviting and add curb appeal. If landscaping the whole yard won't fit your budget, sprinkle some red mulch around trees, shrubs & flower beds to give your yard a polished look for less. (Ask me why it HAS to be red mulch!)


2) Full Home Inspection


Photo courtesy of Quigley Inspection ServicesThe home inspection is the #1 killer of signed contracts in the home selling process. Having a professional inspection before the home selling transaction begins takes the emotion out of the home inspection process by eliminating the unknowns that can delay or sabotage the home sale. So don't wait until your home is under contract to look ‘under the hood’ - take the guesswork out of the home selling transaction! Before listing your home for sale, have it fully inspected from the roof to the appliances you're leaving. If there are any issues, resolve to fix them or sell 'as is'.

Another benefit of the home seller's inspection is that having the home inspection report available to potential home buyers makes your home stand out next to the competition. It's the difference between buying a used car and buying a certified pre-owned car. This level of transparency can shave 10-15 days from the time between contract and close because it eliminates the need for a home inspection contingency (photo courtesy of Quigley Inspection Services).


3) Staging Service


Finally, when your home is completely pristine and certified as comfortable and safe to live in, it's time to prepare it for photos and home tours.

Whether your home is occupied or vacant during the home selling period, a professional staging service is essential in making the home selling process easier because it helps your home appeal to the largest number of buyers. A home staging service will drive your home selling price higher by showing off your home's best features while minimizing its flaws and allowing the buyer to make a psychological connection with the home you are selling. It also makes your home look significantly better in online photos. Remember, Web Appeal is today's Curb Appeal!

When buyers walk into a home that smells fresh, has neutral colors that make it feel move-in ready, and has a furniture arrangement that makes it easy to walk around each room, they will have an easier time picturing themselves living there. Did you know that buyers linger longer in a furnished room? And the longer buyers stay in your home, the more likely they are to make an offer. Buyers need a place to sit and "drink in" the surroundings and develop an emotional connection with the property. 

Consider pictures you may have seen in magazines or on television of beautiful rooms. In the process of home selling the way the furniture is placed, the items on the tables, and even the way the carpets are vacuumed is a type of visual merchandising known as staging

Are you looking to sell your home? Do you need help determining which services are right for you? Please contact us today - we're the best in the business and we'll make the home selling process easier than you ever imagined it could be!