Get Top Dollar For Your Property With These 5 Easy & Inexpensive Home Staging Tips

Our Top 5 Easy and Inexpensive Home Staging Hacks


1) Hot Water Heater: Scrub It!

How: Go look at the top of your hot water heater. Chances are, it's covered in dust and grime. If you want to prepare your home for selling at top dollar, you need to scrub the top of your hot water heater, including the connecting pipes and tubing. 

Why: Buyers are afraid of two things: missing out and making mistakes. To avoid this, they will check every room of the house, including closets. Buyers are particularly hesitant to purchase homes that they think might have plumbing or electrical issues, and seeing a thick layer of dust on a hot water heater will make them question what else is wrong with your house. Are there more issues underneath the dust? Has important maintenance been deferred? Ease those fears before they arise: scrub that hot water heater!

Cost: Aside from the use of some cleaning supplies you already have, all this home staging tip requires of you is a little bit of time.

2) Window Screens: Remove Them!

How: You know those screens on your windows you hardly ever think about? Before listing, remove them from your windows. Put them somewhere out of sight, like in the garage or a closet.

Why: Most buyers look at photos of houses online before they even consider viewing them in person. In photos of indoor spaces, window screens obscure the view outside that could prove enticing to your buyer. If you have a beautiful coastal view outside, for example, it may read as nothing more than a bluish blur if the photo is taken through a window screen. You want your buyer to admire blue skies and greenery on the HD screens of their phones and tablets while viewing online. Also, once your buyer arrives for the in-person viewing, screenless windows will bathe your rooms in light, making them appear larger and better-lit.  

Cost: The best part of this staging hack? It's totally, 100% free.

3) Bathroom Fixtures: Caulk Them!

How: Check the caulking around your bathtub, sink & toilet. Does it look yellow, peeling, or worn out? Completely revitalize the area with a quick caulk job!

Why: Over time, the caulking around bathroom fixtures will start to show its age. The high rust content in Florida water means the caulking (even in well-cleaned bathrooms) may start to look pink, orange or yellow. As the caulking gets wet and dries repeatedly, it also starts to shrink away and create gaps. This allows water and grime to make their way into these spaces between the caulking and the fixture.  

If you want to properly prepare your home for sale, you need to show your buyers that the home is well-maintained. Re-caulking makes an older toilet seem freshly-installed, reassuring the buyer that they won't have to immediately invest in expensive new bathroom fixtures. In addition to newer-looking fixtures, fresh caulking makes your bathroom look clean and well-maintained. 

Cost: This is our first home staging tip that costs money, but it's still cheap! For under $3, you can buy a caulking gun. Refills will only run you about $2.50 to $6.00 each. Pretty cheap for a brand-new looking bathroom! 

4) The Air Handler: Clean and Re-insulate!

How: When's the last time you thought about your AC's air handler? Clean the tops and sides of the air handler on your air conditioning system. Replace the old, cracked foam insulators to make the entire system look brand-new and fully-functioning. 

Why:  Every home buyer has heard a nightmare story about a new home gone wrong. Maybe their friend purchased a house with an old AC unit that needed to be replaced two weeks after closing. They'll be on the look-out for clues about expensive replacements and renovations.

Just like with the hot water heater, a dirty air handler will signal to your buyer that the home has not been properly maintained. Because of the constant condensation around the air handler, foam pipes will start deteriorating relatively quickly. When your buyer sees this, they'll wonder what else is dirty and falling apart. Keep this fact off your prospective buyer's mind with proper home staging, which will present it as move-in ready.

Cost: Foam insulation is relatively inexpensive. For under $10, you can cover 6 feet of pipe!

5) Under the Kitchen Sink: Clean & Line!

How: Check out the space under your kitchen sink. We open and close this door so many times that we may get Visual Amnesia: we don't even notice how dirty or cluttered it's gotten! If you have a mess down there (which, let's be honest, many of us do), spend a few minutes de-cluttering and scrubbing. To really present the absolute best under-the-sink condition, you can even consider new shelf liners. 

Why:  Remember that your buyer is looking at everything in your home with critical eyes. It's a fact: while women will always check out the bedroom closets, men will check under the sink! Cleaning products kept under the sink spill and create stains, but buyers don't know that, so it makes them suspicious of plumbing problems. Also, your goal in presenting a new home is to make your buyer feel like their life will be easier, cleaner, and more organized right off the bat. You can do just that with this home staging technique!

Cost: For a classy look under $15, check out these easy-to-install graphite sink shelf liners.

Make Your Home a Buyer's Dream & Get Top Dollar!

Moving from one house to another is a symbolic gesture: out with the old, in with the new. The new buyer wants to think that the bathroom will always stay clean, the closets will remain orderly, the spice rack will remain stocked and organized, and every sock will find its drawer. They want a dream home.

As a seller, make sure your house projects that cleanliness and organization. These simple and inexpensive staging hacks will show buyers the best of your home, ease their anxieties, and make them look forward to a clean, bright, and organized "new" house. This will present your home as the dream home the buyer is searching for, setting up your house for selling success and setting you up to get top dollar for your property.

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