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Selling Your Tampa Bay Beaches Home Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

How can I get top dollar for my property?

Sellers love us because we understand what Buyers are looking for. We use that knowledge to help homeowners ready their properties for sale. Whether that means selecting a team for painting, clean-up, repairs, arranging for professional photographs, or personally staging the interior & exterior to make the home look great & sell well…we do all the legwork, which is especially helpful for out-of-town owners. We treat each property as a product on a shelf & make it stand out next to the competition.

To get Top Dollar for our Sellers, we know we need to generate the maximum number of Buyer Showings.

The more Qualified Buyers who see a property, the higher the likelihood of healthy offers. To that end, we use all of the current day Media to market your property…email campaigns, keyword-based websites, text messaging, signs, direct mail, open houses, social media, and all of the available real estate portals like, ListingBook,, Zillow & Trulia. We expose your property to millions of Home Buyers worldwide!

Thinking of selling your home and wondering what it will fetch in today’s market? Use our free INSTANT Home Valuation Tool to discover your home’s value. Simply enter your property’s address and press the “Get Report” button:

Properties sell quickly if priced correctly. In order to know where to set that price, we do extensive research prior to listing. Part of determining the correct price for your home involves taking a look at similar homes that have sold recently and doing a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).

That’s as far as most Realtors go, but in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, it is also important to consider the current market conditions. What else is available for sale right now? Those are the properties Buyers will compare yours to and we use that information to create a pricing & positioning strategy.

Selling a property is all about positioning. Your house doesn’t have to be THE BEST HOUSE EVER. It just has to appear equal to or better than the alternatives.

And we don’t just LIST properties – we SELL them!


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