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Redington Beach Real Estate

Redington Beach offers a tranquil and residential escape for its residents. With a population of approximately 1,463 residents, this charming town boasts a delightful mix of single-family homes, many of which are conveniently located on the scenic shores of Boca Ciega Bay, providing stunning waterfront views. Redington Beach distinguishes itself from other barrier island towns by offering a more residential feel, with a higher number of year-round residents. The absence of commercial development adds to the peaceful ambiance, allowing residents to enjoy a quiet and slow-paced lifestyle.

Despite its serene atmosphere, Redington Beach benefits from its proximity to neighboring towns. Just a short distance south lies Madeira Beach, where residents can find a range of amenities such as grocery stores, pharmacies, bars, restaurants, and shops. This proximity ensures that residents have convenient access to everyday necessities without sacrificing the tranquility of their residential haven.

In the welcoming town of Redington Beach, residents enjoy a charming and residential lifestyle that embraces community spirit and a sense of togetherness. This close-knit community comes alive with a variety of annual events that bring neighbors together and create lasting memories:

  • The town hosts a lively Golf Cart Parade on the 4th of July, where residents decorate their golf carts in patriotic splendor and parade through the streets, spreading joy and celebration.
  • Another beloved event is Mardi Gras in the Park, where locals come together to enjoy lively music, vibrant costumes, and delicious food, all while embracing the festive spirit.
  • The Holiday Lighted Boat Parade is a magical event that illuminates the bay waters with the sparkling lights of beautifully decorated boats, captivating the hearts of residents and visitors alike.
  • Redington Beach also delights in a Wine & Food Gala, offering a delectable experience for food and wine enthusiasts.
  • The community cherishes traditions like the Easter Egg Hunt, where children excitedly search for colorful eggs hidden throughout the park.
  • Redington Beach’s Santa’s Angels, a group dedicated to raising funds for college scholarships, organizes various events such as Movies in the Park and Havana Nights, creating fun-filled experiences while supporting educational opportunities for local students.

With its quaint charm, Redington Beach offers a perfect retreat for those seeking a quiet and relaxed coastal lifestyle. Residents can enjoy leisurely strolls along the beach, savor breathtaking sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, and embrace a close-knit community that values the beauty of its surroundings. In Redington Beach, time slows down, allowing residents to truly appreciate the peace and tranquility that this charming town has to offer.