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Lockbox: Yes or No?

Should you have a lockbox or not? Having a lockbox makes it easier for Realtors to show your home. And the easier it is to see your home, the more it will be shown and the faster you will receive an offer(s). Scroll down to learn more about the different types of lockboxes and how to keep your home secure without discouraging showings:

For security reasons & to track showing feedback, even if you have a keypad on the door, I recommend using a lockbox instead of giving your code out to Realtors because you don’t want the code ending up in the wrong hands. Also, with a keypad, you can see when your keypad was accessed, but your agent can’t, which means they can’t follow up for showing feedback. Without that feedback, there could be something preventing buyers from wanting to buy your home that you won’t be able to remedy (e.g., pet odor, taste-specific decor, squeaky doors) if you don’t know about it.

Which is better, a combination lockbox or Realtor-only electronic lockbox? Realtors often opt for combination lockboxes because they are less expensive but, just as with the keypad, the code can end up in the wrong hands. Some Realtors use the same combination codes for all their properties or the last 4 digits of their phone number, which makes it easier for someone to access without permission. As there’s no way to tell who used the combination, immediate showing follow-up is not possible. Showing feedback can alert you to correctable buyer turnoffs.

The electronic Realtor lockbox can only be accessed by licensed Realtors who have been through a background check & fingerprinting and who are dues-paying members of the local Realtor board & have paid additional fees for lockbox access. The listing agent can track who accessed the lockbox & when it was accessed. It also enables prompts for Realtor showing feedback.

But scheduling mishaps occur and, to prevent a Realtor from gaining access without the listing agent’s knowledge, ask your Realtor to have the lockbox programmed with a CBS (Call Before Showing) code. This prevents Realtors from zapping the box & getting in without notice. They must call the listing agent for the special code.

The easier it is to see your property, the more it will be shown and the faster you will sell. More showings translate to more offers, faster. Fewer showings mean more days on market and that leads to a lower sales price.

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Jennie Blackburn

When Jennie joined the real estate business with her husband, Bill, in 2007 the market was flooded with short sales. With their business savvy and ability to adapt quickly to current conditions, Blackburn Coastal Realty was able to help more than 35 families through those difficult times. In 2010 the market shifted to non-distressed listings. Jennie shifted with the times and soon caught on to why homes listed by other Realtors weren’t selling and began coming up with innovative ideas to connect sellers with buyers. With home staging, photography and other creative devices, she was able to help her clients sell their homes for more - faster and without a lot of hassle. As a Realtor, Jennie believes in selling homes, not just listing them. It takes an agent with finesse and tenacity nowadays to get the maximum sales price quickly for homeowners. That's where Jennie comes in. She goes into your condo with “buyer’s eyes” looking for what needs to be done to make it irresistible to buyers. In fact, one property Jennie took over as Realtor for was a condo in Pelican Cove. She staged this home so well that it was featured on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt. The condo sold before the show even had a chance to air! Most Realtors will do a comparable market analysis, forecasting a market price for your home based strictly on recent sales. Jennie takes it further by considering current market conditions and evaluating current comparable properties for sale nearby. She stages your condo to look as attractive as possible next to others currently on the market. She then hires a professional photographer to take mouth-watering pictures which she uploads to 100s of real estate portals complete with captions that draw in more potential buyers. With 15 years in the realty business and even more experience in sales and marketing, Jennie knows what it takes to get your condo sold quickly and at the highest price possible. Jennie and her husband William work and live at the beach. The couple loves the beach so much that it’s no surprise that Blackburn Coastal Realty specializes in beach properties. Jennie’s favorite thing about representing beach communities is how different each community is. Even neighborhoods that are minutes from each other have distinct cultures and personalities all their own. Jennie can bring the personality of your condo to life and find the perfect buyer for it.

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